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Oriental-Inspired Designer Rugs for Luxurious Interior Spaces

 Throughout history, different cultures made use of rugs for various occasions. Each had their own unique take on the pattern and colours. This caused many versions to spring up including many Oriental-inspired rugs.

Oriental rugs were traditionally made in an area called the “Rug Belt”. It stretches all the way from Morocco to North India and Asia. Rugs from those locations are typically hand woven and tend to be heavy. These hand woven, Oriental-inspired designer rugs are luxurious accessories that could help improve any interior living space.


Spread and Fame of Oriental-Inspired Luxury Rugs

ORIENTAL-INSPIRED RUGS. Choosing an Oriental-inspired designer rug starts by knowing its history and famous types of rugs can accentuate a luxurious internal space.


Spread and Fame of Oriental-Inspired Luxury Rugs

 From the middle ages up to the Renaissance, these rugs were in demand because of their exotic nature. The famous Italian explorer, Marco Polo, wrote of the beauty of Anatolian rugs in his journal and these rugs are depicted in a large number of Renaissance Era paintings. Oriental rugs give off an air of luxury and they can provide a more homely and comforting ambience.


3 Prominent and Stunning Oriental-Inspired Designer Rugs

 Out of all the luxury rugs produced in the world, there are three prominent types renowned for their quality and beauty. These rugs are the Anatolian Rugs, Egyptian Mamluk Rugs and Persian rugs.

 Anatolian Rugs

A Turkish Carpet with Floral Themes and Bright Red Colour

TURKISH CARPET- For luxury rugs with dominant primary colours, it would be best to use with dark coloured flooring and walls with a dominant primary colour.

 Turkish tribesmen had originally handwoven the Anatolian or Turkish Rugs. The materials typically used are wool and cotton. The designs make use of the primary colours red, yellow and blue. A Turkish inspired luxury rug lends itself well to dark coloured flooring and white or powder blue wall paint. The rug’s emphasis on primary colours match well and stand out from a plain background.


Egyptian Mamluk Rug


An Example of a Hand-Knotted Egyptian Mamluk Luxury Carpet

EGYPTIAN MAMLUK RUG- Medallion shaped patterns are prominent in this Egyptian Mamluk Rug. The unique “S” pattern weaving make it easier to form the motif.

 Egyptian Mamluk Rug bears distinct coverings and first appeared around the year 1250. Unlike other Oriental rugs, these carpets are woven in an “S” pattern. This method allows for weaving the medallion-shaped designs easier. The dye colours used here are typically bright red, pale blue and light green. Occasionally, the colours yellow and blue are also used.

 Luxury rug patterns is an important aspect to consider when decorating a room; especially due to the prominent medallion patterns. Having decorated walls with geometric patterns can complete the look.


Persian Rug


A Bright Red Persian Carpet Bearing an Intricate Patterns

PERSIAN CARPET INTRICATE PATTERNS- This Persian rug contains a complex floral motif and has multicoloured threads. Exotic designs such as this were much sought upon.


Amongst the most valued rugs in the world are the Persian rugs. Made in present-day Iran, each authentic piece is hand woven, bears its own intricate design and colour scheme.

 When deciding on a Persian theme, pick a rug with emphasis on floral motif. And then, centre the decoration and design of the room to compliment with the rug.


Accent a Grand Living Space Using Oriental Designer Rugs

 Oriental rugs have certainly captivated many people throughout history. Here at Bazaar Velvet, we work towards providing quality Oriental-inspired designer rugs to decorate interior living spaces. We have a collection of authentic and high-quality rugs fitting for the discerning client.

autumn 3 luxury rug.jpg

Autumn by Thibault Van Renne and Bazaar Velvet



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