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Modern Rug Trends 2018 – Set A New Tone For Your Living Space

A rug is one of the most important items of furnishing in a room. They come in a wide variety of styles, textures, materials, patterns and there are unlimited ways on how to incorporate them into your home. Hand knotted rugs are made to last, so make sure you choose a rug you will love for years to come. 

At Bazaar Velvet, our selection of modern rugs balance current trends with a lasting appeal – so they can make a perfect addition to your living space in 2018.


Elevate Your Living Space with Fabulous 2018 London Rug Trends

Whilst it is true that interior design trends are consistently changing, great rug designs are seem to be more attainable than ever. With the increasing popularity of interior design websites and social media platforms, elevating your space with fabulous rugs in London is now easier than ever.

In 2018, take a look at the most inspiring London rug trends and set a new tone for your living space.


Bazaar Velvet’s Decorating Solutions For 2018

In 2018, the design world is leaning even more towards contemporary decorating solutions. Bazaar Velvet shares some of the biggest trends of 2018.


Rugs and Lighting

 levantine luxury rug in hampstead London jo berryman

Levantine Gold Rug in Living Room by Jo Berryman


One aspect of design many homeowners neglect is the lighting and its impact on living spaces and home decors. So, what’s hot in 2018? Statement lighting is still a key trend this year. From rustic kitchen lighting, starburst chandelier lighting to landscape lighting, it simply highlights every decorative element. Above, renowned interior designer Jo Berryman pairs our beautiful 'Levantine Gold' rug with a stunning modern chandelier in a London clients home. The pool of light enhances the luxurious sheen of the silk creating a magical finish.


Rug Textures

This year’s textural textile trends are impressive and fabulous. Interactive design concepts are beginning to create a deeper, more tactile experience to feel more connected to the beauty of nature. That is why many of our handmade rugs are traditionally crafted using only organic and sustainable materials. We made sure that these signature pieces will never go out of style in 2018.


Rug PatternsUrban Punk – Steet Art Queenie

Floor Art Collection – Street Art Queenie

We observe that more and more handmade rugs draw the attention as a piece of art. And, speaking of works of art and expression of imagination, we have a standout rug design inspired by London and its energising mixture of old and new. The vision of its design and colourful technique is mesmerising.


Eclectic Rug Designs


Eklectic Collection – Ethos Razor Metal

Eklectic Collection – Ethos Razor Metal (Source Image: Bazaar Velvet)


Eclectic rug designs are exciting. Luxurious textures, tons of colours and mixed metals are popping up across the spectrum. Classic chrome looks fresh when paired with trendy brass. A neutral palette of colours also adds an air of royalty and elegance.


Find Trendy, Stylish Rug Ideas For Your Home At Bazaar Velvet

Adding a touch of charm and sophistication is crucial to keep your home warm and enticing. So, keep your home up-to-date starting with your floor. Find trendy, stylish rug ideas for your home at Bazaar Velvet.

 Browse our Collections now.




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