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How to Turn a Rug into a Wall Hanging - Rug Decorating Tips

Like any other item of furnishing, a rug is a fundamental piece of decor that will help to make your house a home. Yet it can be difficult to find the right place for your rug. You keep moving it around from room to room but still seems to fit nowhere. This may be especially true of a really great designer rug that you don’t want to see tucked away and forgotten underneath the sofa and coffee table. But before rolling it up and putting your rug in the storage closet until you finally move into your spacious dream home, take a moment to think out of the box. Good rugs are essentially pieces of artwork, so why restrict them to just being on the floor.

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At Bazaar Velvet we believe turning a rug into a wall hanging can be a great creative way of showcasing a rug and creating atmosphere in a space. Having a rug as wall art is a unique decorative touch, and on a practical note, it helps with isolation and noise–an old trick that has been used for centuries, just imagine beautiful tapestries on castle walls. To do this yourself you need a bit of ingenuity, some forward planning a little bit of expert advice. We suggest the following steps to make your rug wall hanging dream a reality.

How to turn a rug into a wall hanging...

rug wall decoratingImage Courtesy of Thibault Van Renne

How to Choose a Rug to use as a Wall Hanging

Almost any type of decorative rug can be used as a wall hanging, but it's best to choose an item that will grab the viewers interest. Highly detailed small scale patterns, including certain types of traditional rug, can work really well as their complexity can really be appreciated. Similarly, abstract and pictorial designs.are a good choice as these add a splash of colour and their designs are more similar to a painting or an artwork than an actual rug.

On a more practical note, its best to choose a rug with a low pile of 6mm or less, or something with no pile at all, such as a kelim. The majority of our rugs at Bazaar Velvet fit this specification. For painterly abstracts that would look great on a wall, try our Impasto Collection. These are truly stunning and extremely intricate designs that deserve to be shown off to their fullest extent. Alternatively, for something a little more quirky, try our Floor Art Collection. This is full of fun pictorial designs including the amazing Handwriting range and edgy graffiti inspired pieces exclusive to Bazaar Velvet.


Rug Wall Hanging Preparation and Planning

1. Measure both rug and wall very carefully

The first thing you should do when considering putting a rug on the wall is to measure the height and width of the rug you are planning to use. After that, compare its size to the area of your wall. As a general rule, the carpet should have some space away from the sides of the wall. Also, the space above the rug should always be bigger than the space below.

2. Consider the overall room atmosphere

Universal rule: furniture should not match or compete, but complement each other. Which means that the various furniture pieces, including your rug, need to have a certain thread of continuity running between them. Think carefully of the overall room atmosphere: consider colours, shapes, styles, shadows and light. Before hanging your rug, you may want to place it temporarily on the desired spot (or near it) and see how it works. If, and only if, it coordinates with the existing pieces, the room will  fall beautifully into place.

3. Pick a wall with nothing else displayed

A rug hanging on the wall completes your room. True. What remains important is to consider though, is what else is on the wall. It is a rule of thumb that you pick a wall with nothing else displayed, especially if you hang a big, thick and colourful rug. If photographs or paintings have to compete for attention on the same wall, a rug could quickly cause your room to become overcrowded. In that case, don’t do it. A rug against a plain wall is usually the best choice.

Amelia Rose hw lr

Amelia Rose Rug by Bazaar Velvet

How To Hang a Rug on a Wall

There are many different methods that can be used to hang a rug on the wall, but at Bazaar Velvet we believe the easiest and most effective method is to user gripper rod (also known as tack strips). These are narrow lengths of wood which hold rows of tacks arranged with their points sticking out. They are generally used for wall to wall carpeting and can be found in most DIY shops. Take the following steps to use gripper rod to hang your rug.

1- Prepare the rod

Use a saw to cut the rod to the correct length to match the top of your rug. Then paint the gripper rod with paint or clear sealant. 

2- Attach the rod to the wall 

Place the rod on the surface of the wall at the height you want the rug to be, ensuring it is straight. Use a hammer to put nails through the rod and into the wall to secure the rod.

3- Attach the rug to the rod

Press the rug up to the gripper strip firmly so the tacks take most of the weight of the rug. Next, hammer upholstery nails through the rug and into the gripper rod. Start by securing each end, then hammer tacks in the center and at regular intervals along the rugs length.


With these simple steps a beautiful hand knotted rug can be appreciated in a new way. If you have any further questions about how to turn a rug into a wall hanging, please do not hesitate to contact us


For more information on rug placement and size, read our Definitive Rug Size Guide


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