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How to Choose the Right Size Rug for your Room - Rug Decorating Tips

Sizing is perhaps the most important thing to consider before purchasing a rug. It is a disappointing truth that even the most beautiful of luxury rugs will not enhance a room if it is bought in the incorrect size. Unfortunately many homeowners find the topic of rug sizing very confusing and end up making a less than ideal purchase. It's really important to begin your rug finding journey with some idea of size in mind. Taking time to evaluate and measure your room is a worthwhile exercise, as is finding out more about what affect different sizes of rug will have on a room. Here are our top rug decorating tips to help you find out more about how to choose the right size rug for any room of the home.

Find our full in-depth guide to rug sizing here.

How to choose a rug size for the living room

For a space that we associate with relaxation and socialising- good comfort and good looks are both essential. The way in which a rug is placed can have a significant impact on the room on both a practical and aesthetic level, bringing comfort where needed and defining different areas of the room. The three main options for living room rug placement are as follows:


full-small rug

1- Placing the rug just in front of sofas and chairs

For a small living room, this is an option you may consider. The main factor to consider when placing a rug in this layout is that anyone sitting on the sofa is able to rest their feet on the rug. Therefore, you need to place the rug as close to the front legs as possible. Also, go for a rug much smaller than this and it can look mean and cheapen the look of the rug and the room itself. This layout is to be used with caution, as a rug that is too small for a space can make it look empty and uninviting. 


full-medium rug

2- Placing the rug under just the front legs of the sofa and chairs

This arrangement is what we recommend for the majority of our clients. Being a little more generous with the size of your rug brings a sense of luxury and helps you appreciate the beauty of a quality designer rug. Furthermore, in a medium sized room, this layout gives a good balance between carpet and bare flooring, creating a lovely framed effect. Another benefit of having the front legs of the furniture on the rug, is it draws together the different elements of the room creating a sense of order and continuity.


full-large rug

3- Placing the sofa and chairs completely on the rug

This is a fabulous way to take advantage of a room that is more spacious or has seating positioned away from the walls. Letting the rug flow out from beneath the furniture softens the space and gives an air of sophistication. You can either treat the rug in a similar way to wall to wall carpeting and leave just a foot or two of wooden floor exposed around the edge of the room, or leave a larger gap big enough to use as a walkway behind the seating area, giving an island effect.


How to choose a rug size for the bedroom

Stepping out of bed onto a gorgeous luxury rug is a delightful way to begin a morning. The rug should begin either at the headboard wall or just in front of the bedside tables, then extend at least a foot from the end of the bed. Likewise, there should be enough rug around the sides to be able to walk on, at least 60cm.

If the project requires a standard stock size we’d recommend the following:

Queen Sizes bed: 240x170 or 300x240cm rug

King Sized bed: 300x240 or 360x270cm rug

Usually, the largest size the room can take is best. Alternatively, runners can be placed around the edge of the bed. In fact, in the past we at Bazaar Velvet have created bespoke U-shaped rugs to fit exactly around the clients bed.

bedroom rug

How to choose a rug size for the dining room

The main consideration when selecting a rug for a dining room is one of pure practicality. It is essential the chairs can be comfortably tucked and untucked from the table without becoming caught on the edge of the rug. Generally, a 50 cm measure between the table and the edge of the rug is sufficient. For an average sized six-person table a 300x240 luxury rug is usually the minimum.


dining room rug size 

Standard Rug Sizes and Bespoke Rugs

There are a set of standard sizes that are applicable to all modern hand knotted rugs originating from the traditional rug making countries of India, Nepal and Afghanistan. Generally rug retailers will stock the most popular sizes from the following options:

180x120cm (6x4')

240x170cm (8x5'6")

300x200cm (10x6'6")

300x240 (10x8')

360x270cm (9x12')

400x300cm (13x10')

420x300 (14x10')

At Bazaar Velvet we stock the core sizes of 240x170, 300x240 and 360x270 (and a few larger and smaller pieces) in our London rug shop, but other sizes are available on request.

Alternatively, rugs can be made to order in any bespoke size. This can sometimes be the only option for customers wanting unusual sizes or shapes including round rugs, square rugs and runners. For many of our collections, including our Core Collection, this is available at no extra cost. Lead times vary according to the rug construction and place of origin, but for a hand knotted rug made entirely using traditional hand made processes, this can take anything between 16 weeks to 7 months. Bespoke rugs made to order in your exact size can bring many advantages to your room and are well worth the wait.


For those who require further expert assistance in selecting the correct size for their rug, we are delighted to offer a home assessment and home trial service to all properties in the locality. If you are interested in this, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us at our London rug shop.




Alternatively, for more information on how to find the perfect sized rug for your home, read our Definitive Guide on Rug Sizing


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