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Contemporary Rugs Can Make a London Loft More Spacious


Lofts and studio apartments have something in common. Both of these have a limited physical space and a need for built-in storage and custom fitted furniture.

Loft owners in London may think that due to its area size, they only have limited options for interior decorations. But in fact, they can actually create an illusion to widen a loft space using contemporary rugsWith these high-quality rugs, every corner of this space is showcased whilst, furniture and other interior decors complement each other.

 Blue Luxury Rug - Designing A Loft Space Tips


RUGS FOR LOFT SPACES. Often with limited spaces, Lofts can have its spaces to look wider by decorating and using ideal contemporary rugs in London.


Enhancing a Small Loft Space for Comfortable Living


Needless to say, most of the living spaces in London are downsized. However, choosing the perfect decor for a loft is still possible. One of the most creative ways is adding the right contemporary rugs. At Bazaar Velvet, we offer rugs in sizes, colours, and designs that will enhance the charm of a loft. So, no matter how small that space is, there is always a way to inject a little comfort and style to loft living.


Design a Loft Space like an Expert with these Elements

 Lofts can be even more luxurious and comfortable with contemporary rugs. It can also give the loft have that modern trendy look. Whilst there are many ways of decorating a room, designing a loft-like an expert can be possible by following these simple guidelines.


Utilising These Tips In Designing A Loft Space Like An Expert

LOFT SPACE RUG SIZES. Rugs in different sizes, colours, and designs can enhance the look and feel of a living space.



 Be smart with matching the colours of the rugs. Always opt for hues that go with the current décor or colour scheme. Choose colours with light and warm tones. For example, a stunning gold Levantine rug is a perfect piece for the loft’s main living space. This exquisite silhouetted marble design not only symbolises luxury but also its warm feel.



 Picking the right design of rugs usually depends on the type of the furniture. It also depends on the overall style that you are trying to convey. So, if the furniture has elaborative ornamentation, choose rugs with Victorian design or a more traditional look. The hand-knotted Viviane turquoise rug makes it a perfect match for this type of furniture.

 But, for furniture with striking lines and shapes, go for rugs with more contemporary designs. They can be best paired with an Aurora candy pink modern rug to make a loft space more enticing.


London Rugs Add More Look And Feel To Loft Spaces

VIBRANT, ENTICING RUG DESIGNS. Accentuating London rugs can make a loft space more vibrant and enticing. (Image from Wayfair.)



Often, loft owners tend to choose small rugs because of limited space. But, big rugs make an impact. One option would be to go for a large rug, that is big enough for all the furniture to fit on it. Then, add smaller rugs on top to provide colour and accents.


Add Special Look and Feel to Loft Living Spaces

 Adding a special look or feel to small loft can create a complete decorative result. And, choosing the right area rug can make a living space look wider and more vibrant. For loft with small spaces, Bazaar Velvet can help with finding that ideal rug. Learn more about our contemporary rug collection designs by contacting us today.



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