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Luxury Rug Design - Collaboration with Thibault Van Renne

At Bazaar Velvet we’re incredibly proud of our collaboration with the world renowned Belgian designer Thibault Van Renne. Drawing inspiration from interior design trends, the art and fashion scene, as well as his travels to the Middle East as the child, Thibault’s designs have not only caught our eyes, but also those at the distinguished design website The Window. With their passion for innovative design and an even greater interest in the story behind it, we are excited to see The Window celebrate the talent and expertise behind Van Renne’s hand knotted and carved rugs. Read on to discover more about Bazaar Velvet’s collaboration with the legendary Thibault Van Renne. Contemporary rug design at its finest. 

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viviane green luxury rug

Viviene Turquoise 

Rug Design Inspiration

Thibault Van Renne is 'aiming for legendary'. Inspired by his travels to the Middle East as a child of a rug dealer, Thibault made up his mind to break away from the ordinary, and create rugs more incredible than anything seen before. Layers upon layers of patterns, colours and textures take the elegance and beauty of the traditional hand knotted rug and transform it into a piece so refined and detailed it can scarcely be imagined.  The sophistication and complexity of each design reaches unprecedented levels, with no single colours, but a blended flow of different tones, intricately carved to varying heights. Nothing within the rug remains constant. Each creation is not only a product of talent and imagination, but a reward for prioritising quality.

Combining Traditional Techniques with Modern Technology

 'For the production of our carpets, we wanted to return to the authenticity and the craft of carpet knotting, believed to be more than 3,000 years old. Our carpets are produced/created in the most traditional way. They are oriental and hand-knotted. Our unique concept is to combine customized work and personalized contemporary design. Though many people don’t realize it, every step of production is done by hand.' - Thibault Van Renne

Thibault's extraordinary innovations prove computer technology and traditional craft can indeed be harmoniously combined. Each rug is made with patient care and skill, in every stage of the process; from the hand carding and spinning of the wools, to the knotting and the carving. This exposes the characteristics of the premium natural materials to the fullest extent. With Thibaut's keen support of the organisation Care & Fair we can be assured that every one of these rugs meets and exceeds ethical standards.

Rug Design Awards

Thibault's contribution to the rug industry has not gone unrecognised. He has already attained three nominations for the prestigious Carpet Design Awards, twice in the category Best Innovation and once for Best Traditional Collection. Although he is internationally known, until now Thibault Van Rennes glorious rugs have not been available in the UK. Therefore at Bazaar Velvet we are very proud to be offering you exclusive access to his tremendous work from our London showroom. We hope you too will be truly inspired.

Our Top Thibault Van Renne Designs 



Kork Reintegration Grey Blue

This outstanding design displays a beautiful ocean of colour, from deep slate blues to soft mint greens all washed together in a smooth graduation. An intricate traditional design fades in and out giving gorgeously opulent details.





luxury rug siena blue and greyViviane Copper

With a pared down background, the erased traditional design of this rug is given the attention it deserves. Luxurious copper silk takes on a metallic appearance and is intricately hand carved for a three dimensional texture.



 Siena Blue and Grey

The combination of cool indigo and ivory with warm browns, finished with an overlay of stunning gold silk, creates a truly outstanding design. We also love the slightly edgy, grungy appearance of the abstract background juxtaposed with the grand oriental design.


How to place a Luxury Thibault Van Renne Contemporary Rug

Our first piece of advice to our clients is always to start by checking what size of rug would be most appropriate for your space. Particularly for a rug as opulent as a Thibault Van Renne design, we would recommend choosing the largest size you can accommodate. This accentuates the luxurious appearance of the rug and allows the design space to breath. When placing a living room rug, we would recommend that at least the front legs of the sofa rest on the rug. If you have a large room, you may choose to extend the rug even further, so all legs are on the rug. Thibault Van Rennes designs come in standard sizes of 300x240, 360x270 and 400x300cm. Some designs may be found in stock in these sizes. However, if you require a bespoke size, or a size that is out of stock, this can be made to order. This lead time for one of these rugs to be made is  6-7 months.

When it comes to choosing a design to compliment your furnishings, you will find these rugs are surprisingly versatile. This is because they contain numerous different colours tones, any of which can be picked out in other furnishings and accessories. Their soft colour spectrum means they sit comfortably with both nuetral and coloured sofas, but they work best if there is a little contrast between these two room elements. However, these designs are true artworks, and a long term investment, so the main priority should be to buy a design that really captures your imagination and you will love for many years to come.


Discover Thibault's amazing creations in our Mystique Master-Weave Collection

Thiabualt Van Renne Rugs are for sale from Bazaar Velvet Rugs London. To find out more about about these rugs, prices, and stock availability, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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