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Simple and Helpful Tips for Picking an Area Rug for Your Home Office

Area rugs are every homeowner's favourite as they are practical, warm, comfortable, and provide cushions over tiled or wooden floors. They also add an artistic value to a room, hence the need to create a well-balanced space. The rule of the thumb 'less is more' applies when decorating transitional spaces or entrances that are adjacent to stairways or other rooms. However, choosing the right shape and size for an area rug differs with each room in your home. Round area rugs, for example, should be placed beneath the light fixture while rugs used to decorate a hallway should create length. The discussion here primarily focuses on picking a rug for your home office.

Choose a Rug that Fits the Desk and the Chair


Home offices require area rugs that fit the desk and the chair altogether. It not only creates a warm and comfortable space to work but also prevents chairs dragging over the edges of the rug (the weakest part of the accessory). Be sure to choose a rug that stays in place as you will have a rolling desk and chair on top of it.

Additionally, when deciding the size of the carpet, take into account the access areas you need every day. For example, if you need to reach the file cabinets, the edge of the carpet should reach the front edge of these pieces or further.


Image: Roselind Wilson Design


Select a Low Pile Rug

Low pile rugs allow easier movement for office chairs with wheels and better accommodation of heavy office equipment and furniture. Looped berber rugs make an excellent example of low pile rugs compared to residential cut-pile area ones. Consider picking rugs with level loops as varying loops tear easily. For a cosier and a more suburban look, select a cut and loop style that has short fibre paired with small, tight loops.

Consider a Commercial Cut-pile Carpet

Commercial area rugs are primarily designed for use in office settings, hence an excellent choice for home offices. They have lots of features that contribute to high performance. Both low-profile and short cut-pile styles are ideal for home offices, however, for a more residential and less commercial look, choose the cut-pile level rugs.

The Rug should Match Your Personal Style

Like any other room, create an office space that matches the personality and functionality that your work requires. Area rugs can help set the imperative mood and comfort to focus on work. As such, it is important to pick colours and materials that bring out these feelings. Some people feel energised using boldly patterned rugs while others need softer looks to focus on the tasks at hand.

In case you’re not all that confident about your choices, it’s best that you first seek consultation with rug experts such as those from Bazaar Velvet.


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