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Nature Inspired Rug Designs

Some Interior Design concepts never go out of style; and one of them is bringing the natural wold into your home. With so many recent  interior design trends leaning towards industrial and minimalist styles, the warmth and excitement of a a nature inspired accessory or rug design has never been so needed. A statement rug can lighten up a hard interior, making even the sleekest of styles that little bit more inviting. Introducing organic patterns and fresh colour tones heightens this effect even further.

Welcoming the natural world into your interior landscape might seem a little eccentric; but taking your inspiration from nature can actually be a very subtle way to bring colour and warmth into your rooms. This means much more than floral designs. Experimenting with asymmetry, texture and materials helps to bring a sense of movement and a wild flourish to an otherwise ordered room.

On the more extreme side are pieces like those made by Argentian artist Alexandra Kehayoglou. She pieces together scraps from her father’s carpet factory to create rugs reminiscent of rolling fields, floating iceburgs and rolling lakes. Although this is a dramatic example, the idea carries into rooms beautifully.


Rug by Alexandra Kehayoglou

Using Organic Shapes in Rug Design

Many modern day interiors suffer from an overload of hard straight lines. This can make a room look a little corporate and unwelcoming. Natural prints can be introduced anywhere from a fabric print, to an ornament to a luxury rug design. Many modern designs takes inspiration from leaves or flowers in a less obvious way than they did in the past, taking their forms and abstracting them rather than turning them into an unsophisticated repeating pattern.

A perfect example of this is the elegant Fern rug by Bazaar Velvet. From a distance, the curved lines of this design can resemble rippling water or even an animal print, but on closer inspection, the viewer is aware of a central spine, the delicate stem of fern leaf. A simple combination of three complimentary colour tones give the form a sense of depth whist retaining the simplicity needed for an outcome of ambiguous shapes.


Fern Rug by Bazaar Velvet 

Taking Colour Inspiration

The colours of nature are so overwhelming numerous, you needn't be limited a pallet of green. From ocean blues to wheat beige's, natural colour tones to fit your taste are easy to find. Natural landscapes provide the ideal basis for a colour pallet in any area of design, as the colours of one environment never clash. They can be as vivid as a meadow of wild flows lined with bright green hedgerows and bright blue sky or as washed out as a mountain side covered in mist.

One of the most subtle examples of artistry reflecting nature is our beautiful 'Autumn Gold' rug. This design takes inspiration from fallen leaves in it's broken traditional motif. Colours are warm and honeyed, like slowly setting afternoon sun. Silk highlights reflect the natural light creating an extra dimension. 


Autumn Rug By Bazaar Velvet and Thibault Van Renne

The Beauty of Natural Materials

At Bazaar Velvet, we firmly believe that wool is the ultimate rug making material. This sustainable natural fibre has many beneficial properties on a both a practical and aesthetic level. We work this material using various traditional hand methods to ensure this material retains its natural beauty. This includes hand carding, a method for sorting and cleaning the wool, as well as hand spinning. This gives the finished yarn slightly irregular thickness which adds a characterful texture to the finished rug.

Another way this material adds to the appearance of our rug designs, is through abrash. This is an effect caused by mixing together un-treated fleece of slightly different colours. When the wool is then twisted together during the spinning process and dyed, the dye will take differently to the different shades of wool in the yarn. Therefore, when it is woven into a rug it gives the design lovely subtle colour variation. On some of our designs we deliberately heighten the abrash effect to give the design extra dimension, such as on our beautiful 'Organic Abrash Wool' rug.


organic abrash wool rug cropped

Organic Abrash Wool Rug by Bazaaar Velvet

To find out more about our beautiful rug designs at Bazaar Velvet, please do not hesitate to contact us


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