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Luxury Textured Rugs - A Guide to the Best Hand Carved Hand Knotted Rugs

Character in texture is one of the many great attractions of a hand knotted rug. Thanks to the use of only traditional handmade processes, even the simplest of rug designs has a beautiful absence of uniformity to its surface just like an original artwork. However, with many of our hand knotted rugs at Bazaar Velvet, we go a stage further incorporating many different tactile finishes into their design, for the perfect textured rug.


Alchemy Multi CEA7354 Rug by Bazaar Velvet

One of the prime examples of the innovative use of texture is our stunning ‘Cracked’ rug. Firstly, this design features over 50% fine Chinese Silk. This is one of the most luxurious materials known to man, with a sumptuous softness and enchanting reflective properties. Especially in high proportions, this gives the rug a very different appearance depending which end it is viewed from. Our ‘Cracked’ design also features looped pile. This effect is given when knots created on the loom are left intact rather than trimmed. The contrast between looped wool and cut silk gives a fantastically unique tactile finish.


Cracked Grey Ivory Rug by Bazaar Velvet

A new trend of textural effect found in hand knotted rugs is by using different pile heights. This can be used to add definition to a design or to emphasise certain patterns or materials. However, some rug designers including our partner Thibault Van Renne, are taking this to the extreme. Although Thibault’s rugs are already very complex with numerous blended colours, he has used this technique extremely effectively. Many of his designs feature several layers, blending designs of yesterday and today gives a truly magical effect.  Once the rug is dismantled from the loom the finishing begins which can take half a dozen people around 30 days to complete. The silk is carefully carved around by hand and kept at one pile height whilst the wool of the rug cut down to a lower pile height with extreme skill and precision. This allows elements of the traditional design and contemporary design to fuse together creating a unique effect. Meticulous attention to textural detail and skilful hand processes make these contemporary luxury rugs among the finest in the world. Browse Thibaults rugs.

hand knotted rug hand carving

The Hand Carving Process -  Image courtesy of Thibault Van Renne

hand knotted textured rug



 Read our Definative Guide on rug quality to find out more about hand knotted rugs and what makes a top quality luxury rug

If you would like help on finding beautiful textured rugs for your home, we'd love to help.








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