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Rug Maintenance for Luxury Rugs

Any type of rug needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it spotless and fresh. It is recommended that you provide a decent regimen of regular cleaning to maintain your luxury rug against the entropic elements of dust and dirt, not to mention external debris and dirt brought in by pets. Here are four simple solutions to keeping your carpets and luxury rugs in check.


Regularly vacuum your luxury rug

Vacuuming your rug should be part of your general room tidying and cleaning routine. At a microscopic level, hairs and fragments of dirt can get trapped in your rug. This is nothing to worry about, a simple vacuum clean will suffice in removing most of these smaller blemishes. Regular vacuuming allows your rug to breathe better by removing any integrated materials and moisture which may harm your rug in the long term. It's a quick and easy solution for day to day rug maintenance. 


Spillages are the bane of all rug owners and are bound to occur with some degree of frequency. For this reason, it may be useful to keep a range of products ready on stand-by. If you don’t have any regular cleaning fluids there are a range of everyday household condiments which will suffice in keeping your rug clean. For instance, who knew that beer and shaving foam were also useful anti-staining products? By applying these items liberally, you should be able to remove those pesky rug stains. Bear these items in mind and keep them close-by the next time you find yourself entertaining guests.

A Professional Clean

If your rug is already looking a bit worse for wear, perhaps you should consider having it professionally cleaned. Having your rug cleaned by a professional cleaner is an ideal way to reinstate your rug, making it look as good as new all over again. Make sure you ask questions about what type of cleaning service the company provides as they can vary greatly. Often cheaper services will only run a machine across the surface your rug, leaving the dirt found deeper down in the pile. For a deep, water submerge clean, contact Bazaar Velvet for a quote.


Sometimes we get the odd guest who thinks that normal household protocols do not directly apply to him. Ensure that your trainer-wearing guest will not cause harm to your rugs and carpets by providing a doormat at your front door, allowing him to remove those rug-offending elements such as dirt and mud before he enters your home.


We hope you found our rug maintenance guide useful.

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