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London Rug Shop: 3 General Rug Types and the Difference Between Them

It can be a challenge to sift through the offerings of a well-stocked rug shop in London for the best rug for your interiors, but knowing what to look for will make your search easier. That said, it pays to know the different styles that rugs come in, whether contemporary, traditional, or transitional. So what makes a rug each of these things? You may find the following information helpful when you go out and shop for rugs for your home.

Traditional rugs

contemporary-rugs.jpgTraditional rugs bring to mind the designs of old, especially those coming from Europe and Asia in the 18th century. That’s why traditional rugs are often synonymous with Oriental or Persian rugs. As such, their patterns are based on centuries-old designs that add time-honored elegance and luxury to a space.

The colour range for traditional rugs is usually pre-defined, with the most common colours used being black, maroon, brown, navy blue, green, red, and white. Bright and bold colors are usually eschewed. Some of the most popular design elements incorporated in traditional rug designs include straight lines, floral patterns, central medallions, and intricate geometric shapes that take the form of diamonds, hexagons, or octagons.

Defining characteristics: warm, neutral colors, definite borders, geometric shapes, intricate details.

Transitional rugs

Transitional rugs are like the spruced-up versions of traditional patterns. Often considered as a middle ground between traditional and contemporary rug designs, they borrow elements from each style to create a non-traditional design that’s not overtly bold or modern. The blending of elements aim to provide the elegance and timelessness of a traditional pattern, but with less of the formality.

Transitional rugs please a wide variety of tastes, that’s why they are a popular rug design option. They tend to work well with natural and organic floor elements like stone and wood.

Defining elements: Repeating patterns, lack of borders, blends updated colors and patterns from traditional rug designs.

Contemporary rugs

Contemporary rugs are like a piece of modern art--they often contain bold colors, patterns, and unusual design elements that are completely out of the ordinary. By and large, they take on an architectural and modern approach, and can appear free-form in style. They can still feature retro shapes and patterns, but nevertheless, the look and feel of a contemporary rug is worlds apart when compared to the traditional style. Contemporary rugs are the perfect complement to a modern space.

Defining elements: bold color and design, stark contrasts, free-form style elements.

Are modern rugs and contemporary rugs the same thing?

Though they are often used interchangeably, modern rugs and contemporary rugs are actually different from each other. In design-speak, term ‘modern’ refers to a certain period in time, particularly the 1920s to 1950s. The style doesn’t change, and is forever defined by that time period. Meanwhile, contemporary means ‘current’ or belonging to the occurring or existing time. As such, contemporary refers to what is popular ‘now,’ and changes with the current trend.

Choosing the right rug style for your home

Rugs come in a lot more styles than the three mentioned here. Generally speaking however, many rug designs fall under these broad categories. As a rule of thumb, the key to choosing the right type of rug for your home lies in knowing whether your home comes in a traditional, transitional, or contemporary design. You may then choose the right type of rug accordingly.

Contemporary style homes in London can visit a popular rug shop such as Bazaar Velvet for contemporary rug needs. These popular rug shops are known for their wide inventory, with plenty of contemporary options in different sizes and color combinations, so finding the best fit for your home won’t be a problem.


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