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Designer Rugs- The Perfect Abstract Rug

In every aspect of interior design consumers are increasing seeking not only high functionality, but high style, and are embracing every opportunity to incorporate uniquely beautiful items into their home- personal pieces that will lift their mood from one day to the next. In response to this new attitude, designers have had to turn their focus to aesthetics to transform practical items into pieces of artwork. The designer rug industry is no different, and through time artists and craftspeople have honed their skills to develop a new style of rug that stays in tune with the latest interior design trends- the abstract rug.


Twilight Multi, Alchemy Multi and Twilight Grey Blue (above) form part of our Impasto Collection 

The Design Process

Many producers have tried and failed to achieve the perfect abstract rug design. This is not a style that tolerates cut corners. Designers are set the hard task of translating the finest of paintings into a form from which they can be constructed into rugs. Numerous colours woven into a high knot count are the only way to create a continuous  flow of colour, without the blocky camouflage look of inferior counterparts.

With an abstract design, disjointed colours have nowhere to hide. With no definite pattern, the eye will be drawn in almost exclusively by colour. A successful abstract rug will work in harmony not only within its own entity, but in the context of the most sophisticated of interior schemes.

At Bazaar Velvet therefore, we are delighted to announce the arrival of a collection of rugs we believe are at the pinnacle of this mesmerising rug style. 'Twilight' and 'Alchemy' both give an impression of fluidity that is so difficult to find. Not only are their colours a calming pastel dream, but their texture is breath-taking; with a raised silk pile floating above the base design.


Alchemy Multi CEA7354

Weaving a Designer Rug

Even more incredible is the fact these luxury rugs have been created entirely by hand. Every single coloured yarn has been spun, dyed and re-spun using methods that have been practiced for centuries. Each complex abstract design is built row by row by hand tied knots, following a life size pattern drawn onto graph paper. The finishing however, is probably the most skilled aspect of the creation process. When the rug is first cut down from the loom, the pile is long and shaggy. Once it is trimmed, craftspeople work meticulously to carve around the intricate shapes of the silk, leaving it raised against the trimmed wool background. 

These rugs take 3-4 weavers up to six months to make; it is a true labour of love. The first pieces of this new range have now made the journey from India to London, and can now be found at our showroom in the Chelsea design district. We are passionate about these incredible rugs and would be delighted to share them with you. Please contact us to find out more.



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