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Designer Rugs as One Of A Kind Art Pieces

When we considering rugs for the home, it is important to remember that a rug is a design choice and an artwork in its own right. Just as much as any canvas you may hang from your wall, a designer rug can be an expression of your personality to be proudly displayed.

black and white designer rug in living room by jimmy martin

Living room by Jimmy Martin, featuring Zeus Black and White rug from Bazaar Velvet

Using the fifth wall to an aesthetic advantage

While perusing art we often seek something original and high quality. It’s important to take the same approach when buying a statement rug. You want your luxury rug to stand out as a unique piece of art. This can be seen in this dramatic living room by designer Jimmy Martin. Our stunning Zeus rug takes centre stage, its geometric design creating a wonderful contrast with the curved lines of the purple chairs. Think of your floor surface as the fifth wall. Addressing the fifth wall in interior design can reinvent your home, taking your room somewhere new and experimental.

There are several key elements to consider when choosing a rug as an artwork and room feature. Size is crucial, both in terms of the size of the rug and its spacing in the room. Bolder patterns and colours need space to be appreciated, so be generous when choosing a rug size. Also be careful not overwhelm the room with too many heavily decorative elements- the bolder the rug the more minimal the rest of the rooms decor should be. A bright and and eye catching rug should be the focus of a room.

Additionally, it is important to stylistically match your rug with your decor. For instance if your room features antique furniture you may want to opt for a traditional style rug with a little modern twist. Try a rug from our Transitional Collection for the perfect balance between classic and contemporary design. Alternatively, sometimes modern designs can provide an exciting contrast. . Trying a range of rugs in situ before buying can give you the freedom experiment with something more adventurous. Find out about the home trial service at Bazaar Velvet at http://bazaarvelvet.com/about/

Look for thematic colours, but keep it subtle

Keeping colours in common with other aspects of the room will keep your rug from looking out of place, especially if you're opting for a happily offbeat style. Whether you opt for a bespoke rug, or something off the sheIf, this is always possible. Bring out the colours of an existing design in accessories such as vases or cushions. You don't need to colour co-ordinate everything, but a few common shades will bring the room together. A great example is this bespoke rug from a recent project of ours. The lemon colour enhances the artwork and brings some warmth to a grey colour scheme. 



Buying a Designer Rug or Bespoke Rug 

Bazaar Velvet’s designer rugs are made to the highest quality specifications and many, can be viewed as art pieces in their own right. For the most bold and edgy designs, try our Floor Art Collection. Bright colours have been incorporated into in-house designs, including some great pictorial pieces created from original artworks. For something a little more subtle, try our Impasto Collection for some stunning, incredibly intricate abstract designs.  

We also offer a free bespoke design service. This is a fantastic option if you have a rug design idea- we can work from anything from a simple sketch or  piece of artwork to reference photos. We can also adjust many of our existing collection or archive designs to bespoke colours to fit your room. If you are redecorating a whole room, it's best to consider a bespoke rug early on in the process, as creating a handmade rug from scratch takes dozens of skilled artisans several months to complete. Find out more about our bespoke rug service at https://info.bazaarvelvet.com/bespoke-rug-service-custom-rugs

When shopping for a new rug, take a similar approach as you would when choosing a piece of artwork. Go for a designer rug created by quality craftsman with a unique design that captures your imagination.

For more help in finding your perfect rug, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Read our Definative Rug Guide to find out more.

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